ally a saves the day;
My name is Alexa and my mom does all the grocery shopping.
Dylan O’Brien attends the Teen Wolf panel at SDCC 2014 


"This was already a show when I came on and they were so welcoming. They treat me as if I’ve been there since season one, which makes me feel bad, cause I’m like ‘I haven’t created all this success for you guys, I wasn’t a part of this’, but they still include me. I mean, last night I was on stage accepting a fandom award and I felt really uncomfortable about it, but then I just remember how happy they are to welcome new characters and it keeps the show alive, I think. So it’s a good feeling. I feel honoured."


Dylan Sprayberry being a little cute weirdo


Brittany Snow is frustrated by her shoes. Tyler Posey thinks she should wear his. [x]