ally a saves the day;
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agents of shield

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The Maze is a code, Tom. The Maze is a c o d e.

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Sometimes, you don’t need to walk in another person’s shoes to know how they feel. Sometimes, the best thing you can do is sit beside them. 

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In this post you will find and learn the shortcuts from Photoshop Toolbar to facilitate the use. I hope you enjoy and like or reblog this post if it was useful

Shortcut Toolbar

  • A – Path Selection and Direct Selection
  • B – Brush, Pencil and Color Replacement
  • C – Crop
  • D – Reset “Foreground Color and Background Color to Black and White
  • E – Eraser, Background Eraser and Magic Eraser
  • G – Gradient and Paint Bucket
  • H – Hand
  • I – Eyedropper, Color Sampler and Measure
  • J –Spot Healing Brush, Healing Brush, Patch and Red Eye
  • K –Slice and Slice Select
  • L – Lasso, Polygonal Lasso and Magnetic Lasso
  • M – Rectangular Marquee and Elliptical Marquee
  • N – Notes and Audio Annotation
  • O – Dodge, Burn and Sponge
  • P – Pen and Freeform Pen
  • Q – Pattern Mode and Quick Mask Mode
  • R – “Blur, Sharpen and Smudge
  • S – Clone Stamp and Pattern Stamp
  • T – Horizontal Type, Vertical Type, Horizontal Type Mask and Vertical Type Mask
  • U – Rectangle, Rounded Rectangle, Ellipse, Polygon, Line and Custom Shape
  • V – Move
  • X – Change Foregroud Color to Background Color
  • W – Magic Wand
  • Y – History Brush and Art History Brus
  • Z – Zoom
  • F – Pattern Screen, Fullscreen w/ Menu Bars and Fullscreen
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